This amazing couple from Mexico had a beautiful wedding at the Secrets Capri Resort followed by a Trash the Dress session that included a spectacular sunrise, Mayan ruins and a mystical cenote for Underwater photography!

cancun sunrise photography

Love this silhouette with a seagull greeting our lovely couple


riviera maya wedding photography

Beautiful beach set-up at the Secrets Capri Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

secrets capri wedding photography

Caught our bride in action in the final touches before the ceremony

beach wedding photography

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the emotions of the bride and groom at first sight of their beloved

riviera maya wedding photography

Love the look Paulina is giving to Indalecio, so romantic

cancun wedding photography

Full moon overlooking the ceremony, what more can you ask for?

cancun wedding photography

Caught some tears and smiles during the vows

secrets capri wedding photography

FELCIDADES! Love this candid moment of the bride and groom after they exit as husband and wife

riviera maya wedding photography

Look at that mOOn! So beautiful!

destination wedding photography in Cancun

Love the look we get right at dusk when using our off camera flash set-up to illuminate the bride and groom

playa del carmen wedding photography

Some more off-camera flash tricks for these unique photos!

cancun sunset photography

Indalecio and Paulina were a daring duo when crossing some water to get to the steps of the dock. Did we break the rules?  Whatever it takes to get the photo! : )

sunrise cancun wedding

Words cannot describe the beauty of a sunrise photo session

sunrise cancun wedding photography

Golden silhouettes captured at 5:30am

cancun sunrise photography

A flock of seagulls greeted us on the beach at sunrise

cancun sunrise photography

Love the pinkish tones in the sky while Indalecio and Paulina have fun in the sand

cancun mayan ruins photography

Next stop….Mayan Ruins!

riviera maya ruins photography

Love playing with the shadows to create some unique photos

cancun cenote photography

Final stop…Cenote for underwater photography

cancun cenote photography

Paulina was an image of a mermaid inside and out of water

cancun underwater photography

It’s always a challenge to move around in the water with a wedding dress but Paulina was a natural

riviera maya underwater photography

Purely amazing!

mexico cenote underwater photography

The the reflection we captured of Paulina

cancun underwater photography

Perfect kiss to a perfect day!

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